Hello, Outside World!

It’s been a while – well, 3 weeks. Which I guess is a while for a blog that was supposed to be updated weekly.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve become a bit too comfortable in my little #stayhome bubble these past few weeks. To be honest, I really quite like my own company. I have that classic introvert trait of needing quiet time to recharge, and finding too much social interaction exhausting. It doesn’t mean I don’t love my friends, but if I fill my entire week with social plans, my brain can’t cope AT ALL.

I’ve also lived on my own for 3 years now and it’s been great. In fact, as someone who hasn’t always been amazingly self-sufficient, it’s been a really positive thing. All of which means I was at a significant advantage once we were all told to stop going out and seeing people. First of all, I’ve had work to fill my time each day, and walks / runs / workouts to keep me busy too. But aside from that, pottering around my flat in activewear or pyjamas 24/7, and spending hours reading, crafting, baking, cooking, doing jigsaw puzzles…it’s honestly just not that much of a stretch!

The downside to being like me is that, eventually, being okay with lots of time alone turns into becoming accustomed to lots of time alone, which then leads to actively not wanting to go out. Pair that with a busy time at work, and a brain full to the brim just trying to mentally process 2020 (like, really – what is this year?!), and I can easily find myself spending days on end just not bothering to connect with anyone.

These last couple of weeks I’ve felt tired, grumpy and less resilient than usual, and while my natural tendency in these situations is to want the world to just go away and leave me alone, I have to admit the only thing that’s made it better has been connecting with people. Whether that means a long chat (or cry / rant!) on the phone, or a walk with a friend, or a Zoom workout with lots of other sweaty faces on the screen – all of these things have meant I’ve ended the week feeling much happier and brighter than I did on Monday morning.

I strongly believe that having the ability to cope with quiet time, and to just be alone with your thoughts, is a really important thing. But I have to admit that spending all of my time just living inside my own head probably isn’t. People always talk about how it’s important to “push yourself out of your comfort zone”, and this week I’ve realised that doesn’t have to mean doing really big, ambitious things. Sometimes it means dragging yourself out of the house to see someone, even when you think you don’t want to.

This post is dedicated to all my fellow introverts, and to Dave and Jess who have listened to me grumble / rant / talk rubbish several times this week 😉


First Post: Who am I and what is this blog all about?

Writing More, Worrying Less

In short – I’m Tanya, one of the many 30-somethings who are happy to call Bristol home. If nothing else, this is a place to write down some of the many thoughts that pop into my head as I navigate my way through this business of being an adult. If I’m lucky, a few other people might visit, and perhaps one or two of them will find something relatable that helps them to navigate life too!

So why start a blog now?

  • Having struggled with anxiety on and off since my late 20’s, I began 2019 with a resolution to waste much less time on relentless worrying, and to turn these experiences into something positive by writing about the things they have taught me. (The fact that I’m writing this first post in May 2020 should tell you something about my tendency to procrastinate.)
  • At 36, I find myself happier being “me” than I have ever been before. Maybe by sharing how I got here, I can help other people be a little bit kinder to themselves.
  • Lastly, I love reading other people’s general ramblings about life…so it only seems fair to share my own too!

What can you expect to find here?

I love many things, but I’m particularly passionate about mental health, well-being and keeping both of those in check by staying fit and active. So expect plenty of my (entirely non-expert) thoughts on those areas. Baking is a favourite hobby, and I love nothing more than a good breakfast, so I imagine there will also be some photos of cake and fancy bowls of porridge. Perhaps a few other things too…my only plan is just to get writing and see where we end up!

If you’ve made it this far…welcome to “Write More, Worry Less”, thanks for reading my little introduction, and I promise not to procrastinate for too long before writing my first “proper” post. Oh, and if you want to find out more about me in the meantime, you can find me hanging out on Instagram most days.