Hi, I’m Tanya…

I started this blog during 2020 while, like all of us, spending far too much time at home. It felt like a good outlet for the various thoughts and feelings whirling around my anxious brain as I sat alone in my one-bed flat. But a few posts in, the feeling of life being in limbo for so long started to get to me (I’m sure you can relate!) and I ran out of words.

But FEAR NOT – I’m back, now in a different one-bed flat, feeling inspired again, and with some new ideas of how I want to use this little space. Expect plenty of honest thoughts, insights into late-30s life, a bit of mental health chat and maybe (if I get brave enough) some creative writing. I hope you find this a positive place to be!

A little bit about me…I’m 37 and have been lucky enough to call Bristol home for over 10 years. A few of the many things I love include running, books, baking, good coffee and sunshine. I’ve recently rediscovered my arty/crafty side too so have about a million crochet projects on the go. I’m more introvert than extrovert which, for me, means I love spending time with people but I’m here for the meaningful one-to-one chats, not the small talk or “banter” (worst word ever).

Lastly, if long blog posts aren’t your thing, you can find me chatting away in short-form on Instagram most days.

You can also send me a message to say hi, if you’d like to, here.