Lunchtime ramble

What kind of person do you believe you are?

Well, it’s late February and this is my second blog post of the year, so it’s time to stop overthinking and just put some words out into the world. I’ve set myself a timer to write for 20 minutes of my lunchbreak and then hit “publish”. Here goes…

I’ve been reading the latest Sally Rooney novel and a sentence in it really struck a chord with me. I’m badly paraphrasing because the actual sentence was specific to the character’s circumstances, but it was along the lines of how some experiences can end up permanently impressing themselves onto your sense of self. So an example would be that you have a couple of relationships that don’t work out, and take that to mean that you’re “a person who is bad at relationships”.

Following on from what I wrote last month about building habits, I’m trying to make a concerted effort this year to chase after some of the things that I want. I’ve realised that sometimes my main blocker to doing those things is me – or rather, the things I believe about the kind of person I am.

Here’s an example I can definitely relate to, so maybe you will too: you tell yourself you’re “a disorganised person”. Because you believe this to be true you have no real expectation of ever finishing anything, or arriving anywhere on time. The result is that you just throw hundreds of things onto the to-do list, safe in the knowledge that it makes no difference how many there are because you won’t finish them anyway. You spend your time in a state of mild panic as they all roll over to the next day, and the next, and the next…

As with anything in life, if I have beliefs like this about myself then most likely some of you do too, so I thought I’d mention the mini challenge I’ve set myself this week: to rewrite one or two of the less helpful statements I often make about myself.

So this week I’ve decided I am “a capable and focused person”. I made the assumption that a capable and focused person would probably have quite a manageable number of things on their to do list, so I chose three things today. I concentrated just on those this morning, and finished two of them before lunch. We’re only half a day in, but the results so far are looking good!

I’m also telling myself I’m “a creative person” and I’m excited to see where that leads me this year…

I hope this lunchtime ramble was interesting, or at the very least it killed a few minutes of scrolling time while you ate a sandwich. I have a few more in depth posts coming soon, but I think I might try this little 20 minute challenge again next week! Thanks again for reading 🙂

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