A list of things that are okay…

I spotted this collection of lost gloves on my walk yesterday, and they seemed like they were okay in their little lost-glove community, even though they weren’t hanging out in pairs as you might expect. But I’ll spare you a blog post based on terrible lost-glove-related metaphors for life, and will instead stick with writing a list of other things that are also okay

Eating chocolate every day. See also: cake, crisps, cheese.

Hating Zoom calls. Just say no (unless it’s for work, in which case probably say yes – but feel free to be grumpy about having your camera on).

Secretly still liking Zoom calls even though we’ve all decided we hate them now. It doesn’t even have to be a secret.

Really missing your friends. It’s great to be fine with time alone, but it’s not a weakness to need time with other humans too. Miss your friends, tell them you miss them, and look forward to seeing them again soon.

Saying no to plans (or walks / calls for now) just to take time for yourself. It’s not selfish and you’re not a bad friend.

Finding the second lockdown more difficult than the first. It might help you to try to understand why, or it might not. But either way, you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone else.

Sailing through this second lockdown without a care in the world. Yay – go you!

Finding work exceptionally hard some weeks. You don’t have to be your best self all year round. Tell someone. Close the laptop for a while. Take a break.

Spending your at-home time in a blur of online fitness classes, board games, arts and crafts, bread-making (or are we bored with that now?). Do what makes you happy, and do it for you.

Spending all your free time on the sofa drinking tea. Don’t let the world tell you that productivity is everything.

Claiming to be a runner (or whatever else is your “thing”) then not running for weeks. It doesn’t mean you’re lazy, not motivated enough, or not good at it. It just means you’re human and you live a life. It will still be there when you’re ready.

Having 8 books on the go at once and struggling to finish one. There’s so much good stuff out there to read, how are we meant to choose?!

Going to a different fitness class every week. Or going to the same one every week and never branching out. We all have different goals, just do what you enjoy.

Not being okay. Although telling someone you’re not is encouraged.

Enjoying doing things that you’re bad at. What does being “bad” at something even mean? Is being “good” at stuff always important? Find happiness in being a terrible singer or a slow runner. For all I know, this blog could be a load of rubbish. But I enjoy writing it, so I’ll keep doing it anyway.

Have a lovely weekend everyone xx

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